From the time Mom finds out she is pregnant through the first birthday of the child’s life, I go along for the ride to capture those moments they want to keep forever. This is an 18 month journey with scheduled photography sessions. Each package may be purchased alone, or all together. The sessions are designed to target those times when something significant happens – see the details below.

Every time I take a photo I make sure the entire family (parents, siblings) is involved so the whole family is part of the process.

It’s my objective to get to know my clients and for them to feel comfortable with me. For that reason I have a pre-consultation with every client – hopefully face to face, or on the phone if that is not possible. We talk so we can get to know one another, and so they will be happy with the results. I want to know what is important to them.

Any package can be customized.  We can talk about this during the consultation.

Package Details

The Baby Bump

This begins at 3 months into the pregnancy and is 5 to 6 sessions, about 30 minutes each. All these then go into a 16×20 wall portrait collage showing the mother at different stages of the pregnancy.


At least 2 weeks before due date we have the maternity session which is about an hour depending on how the mom feels.  For this reason we go out to a special place and just have fun. It may be where you met, or proposed, or a special vacation, etc.There is also always the option to do it at home or in the studio.


This session occurs 7 to 10 days after birth so Mom and baby have a chance to settle in at home. Newborn through 9 months sessions take place at home.

3 Months

At 3 months the baby may sit up or do so with help. With the baby sessions, we let him or her set the pace. I allow one to two hours to make sure we are not rushed. A baby can’t be made to pose, or even cooperate, so it’s great to have the time available to let the child be comfortable so we can catch the moment when it comes.

6 Months

At 6 months a baby may sit well or even stand shakily or while holding onto something.

9 Months

At 9 months they may be standing well or starting to walk.

1 year

At the one year mark we go to a special place either in the parent’s pre-birth life or in the baby’s life. As with the Maternity session, this one can also be held at home or in the studio if that is your preference.