Glenn is the ultimate professional…detail oriented, skilled photographer and exceptional artist. He has an eye for perfection and beauty…he has the ability to capture the “wings of a butterfly” when it may appear a caterpillar. He’s an artisan.

Rachel Revill

Mark-Anthony Phillips

Glenn Nielsen may be one of the most dedicated, passionate, and thoughtful Photographers I know. When you are considering a photographer for any special occasion, you might not put too much thought into it. You may just go with a friend that does photography. You may feel that there really isn’t a difference between one photographer and the next. Well, you are wrong. Glenn is thoughtful, creative, easy to work with and so friendly. The best part about Glenn is his openness to new ideas and his gentle voice that soothes the air. His passion for photography translates through the camera with every shot. His ability to identify the right light and capture the emotion of the moment is impeccable. Glenn Nielsen is nothing short of a consummate professional and will forever be our family photographer.

Mark-Anthony Phillips & Family

Kathy Collier

I have a very large family that has not had a family photo since 1976.

My father has passed, my mother is turning 80 this year and I have regretted not having a family portrait prior to my father passing.

I was having a meeting with Glenn and he gave me some great ideas on how to get 38 people (4 generations) together, without wasting any more time. I started my quest on a family portrait.

All but one family member was present, and even this was not a problem for Glenn. He just put her in the portrait anyway along with a beautiful overhead shot of my father looking down on all of us, for without him none would be in the photo.

Glenn was so patient and awesome! On the day of the photo shoot he came to our family home and hung out all day with us. He captured all of us in traditional and unaware photos.

From all of the Collier family we want to take a moment and thank you for capturing the size and love of our family. We will cherish and share this art for generations to come.

Kathy Collier